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Sleep workshop

"No Minute Gone Comes Ever Back Again, Take Heed And See Ye Nothing Do in Vain" (London’s clock)

Friday 13 June 2008, by guilhem

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The balance of sleep obeys to a system of double pendulum.
- the Circadian Pendulum (de circa dia : around a day), modulates the pressure of sleep according to what time it is on the internal Clock.
- the Homeostatic Pendulum depends of the individual need for sleep on one hand and of the external constraints on the other hand.

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No Minute Gone Comes Ever Back Again...
Chaque minute qui passe ne revient jamais...

The Double Pendulum of sleep:
The Circadien Clock and the Homeostatic Hourglass...

At normal state, wake and sleep follow each other according to a rythm in harmony with the day and night cycle.
For more explanations about the "Double Pendulum" see the: "Modelization of the pendulums of sleep"

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Modélisation de l’équilibre veille-sommeil

Act on the cursors to modify the balance of the system.

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"Sleep regulation mechanisms"

"Modelization of the pendulums of sleep"

"What kind of sleeper are you?"

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Take Heed And See Ye Nothing Do in Vain (Prenez garde à ne rien entreprendre en vain)
(Horloge "Liberty & Co" de Londres)

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