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  • Spectral analysis of a PSG
  • JPEG - 39.4 kb
    Analyse spectrale (en bleu les ondes lentes)

    The blue waves are the deep sleep.

    JPEG - 19.9 kb
    Analyse spéctrale

  • Résumé du rapport final
  • JPEG - 48.9 kb
    compte rendu de PSG normale

    The polysomnography report sums up the essential elements to assess the quality of sleep.

    To be noted in this report the number of micro-awakenings and the percentage of slow deep sleep (stade 3 and 4) and of REM sleep.

    Final report summary of a normal sleep

    JPEG - 26.8 kb
    PSG Normale

    JPEG - 24 kb
    Résumé d’un rapport de PSG.

    Interactive test for the screening of sleep disorders "

    The following test is intended to guide you through the 17 pathologies that are most encountered in sleep medicine.
    This test contains 51 very short sentences, some don’t concern you at all, but it is important to consider them all before launching the program.

    Clic on the items for which you feel concerned" ... , ... "your answers are, on this test, compatible with the following problem(s) ... you should discuss these questions with your doctor".


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