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Ethical code

"" is a voluntary and non commercial website which aims to contribute to the spreading of knowledge about sleep and its implications in general medicine.

Author and responsible of the website: Doctor Guilhem Pérémarty, M.D., specialized in sleep and wake pathologies.

    Ethical code of the website

  • The information spread by the website is designed to encourage and not to replace the existing relations between a patient and his general physician.
    The site’s content is at disposal for a strictly informative purpose. Always ask the advice of a qualified professional for any question about a health problem.

    This site provides only medical and general information. It doesn’t give any advice: online consultations are forbidden by the General Medical Council.
    "Only the general physician is allowed to carry out a diagnosis and to advocate for a treatment on the basis of a clinical interview that is not possible from a distance"
    " (deontological code).

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    The Dodo, mascot of the website
  • The sources of the data spread on this site are clearly mentioned on the introduction page and, whenever it is possible, with an external link. The date of the last upgrade can be read on the bottom of each page.
    NB. These principles do not forbid the existence of original chapters (Cf. hypo-sleep syndrome), which result from more than fifteen years of clinical observations made by the author.
    Some of the hypotheses which are clearly introduced as such on this site present, thus, a very low level of proof.
    This work wishes to be a contribution to orphan or poorly defined pathologies like spasmophilia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or functional pathologies (colopathy, dizzy spells, migraines ...). It hopes to arouse other epidemiological surveys and vocations of future scientists.
  • Every assertion that relates to the benefit from or to the performance of a treatment is associated with appropriate elements of proof and balanced according to the principle "2" (above).
  • Personal information from the visitors, transmitted by them to the author’s email, stay confidential and will not appear on the website.
    Entries in interactive tests remain strictly anonymous.
  • There is an email address, at the bottom of each article, which allows to contact the author.
  • The website "Sleep and general medicine" is a member of the cooperative hosting company "".
    The domain name "" is the website author’s property .
  • The site is not commercial and makes no advertisement for any good nor service.
  • The making and maintenance of the website "Sommeil et médecine générale/Sleep and general medicine" is a voluntary activity and financed by the author who forbids himself to draw any personal profit from it.
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    "Dodo Raphus cucullatus"
  • The Dodo(Didus ineptus, and later Raphus cucullatus) is the website mascot.

    NB. The illustrations "Dodos for Smg" are the original work of Mr Jean-Christophe Mani.

  • The site is "copyleft" for every non-commercial use.
    If you use it and are courteous, you will mention the source : "".


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