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Sites about sleep

Several french or english websites on sleep to learn more and retrieve other scientific sources.

The site of the French Society of Sleep Research and Medicine. (SFRMS), the learned society that gathers most of the French specialists of sleep (mostly the hospital neurologists and the lung specialists of the SPLF, the French language society of lung specialty).
Sleep, Dreams and arousal
On this website of the University of Lyon, feel free to consult a very exhaustive documentation (with plenty of scientific sources) on sleep, browsing through 143 articles (adding up to 1038 pages).
The website of the « Neurobranchés » :
The « must » site for the reader who is looking for clear and detailed scientific documentation on sleep. Everything or almost everything is there about the « puzzle of the nervous system, from neuron to sleep ».
The adventure of sleep.
A very interactive site designed for the general public (adults and children), with plenty of information and practical advices. The great adventure of sleep
... ...
Withdrawal On sleeping pills and tranquillizers of « BZD » type.

A French version of a book dedicated to the withdrawal of benzodiazepine. To read before one starts withdrawal because to engage into it under bad conditions too often leads to failure.

"Sleep and Health organization". An excellent and very practical site designed for the general public. "Sleep is a third of one’s life" An organization of sick people, healthy people, and carers, whose goal is to ensure sleep disorders be recognized as a public health priority.
The website of the National Institute for Sleep and Vigilance (ISV). A filiation of the learned society (SFRMS) designed to communicate better on sleep (with the support of pharmaceutical companies).

Sleep from A to Zzz.
"Sleep is a part of life"

The site of the Centre for Science of Montréal General public and very pleasant as Canadian websites usually are.

The World Association of Sleep Medicine. "Sleep Well, Stay Healthy".
The World Association of Sleep Medicine WebSite. Américan.

The World Association of Sleep Medicine.
"Sleep Well, Stay Healthy".


Some English websites ...

- 1: "Sleepdex - Resources for Better Sleep" Sleepdex is dedicated to raising awareness of sleep issues and encouraging people to take sleep seriously.

- 2: "Circle City Community" "Help and support for Sleep Disorders".

- 3: "Sleep Well" Stanfort University : "A well full of information on sleep, sleep disorders, sleep activism, sleep-related events and much more!."

- 4: "Sleep Review" The Journal for sleep spécialists."

Some good specialized search engines:

- 1: "SurfAndBiz" OPEN DIRECTORY PROJECT - Le Web présenté par sujets et par catégories (en Français).

- 2: Links from the Herald Tribune

- 3: Archives de Bibliomed accessibles gratuitement sur le site de l’UNAFORMEC (formation médicale continue).

- 4: 2 links to the "Mayo Clinic": "Tools for healther live"
- Excellent index .
- Drugs information ().

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Quelques liens externes pour en savoir plus...

Téléchargez (en format Pdf.) les derniers numéros de la Revue Veille-sommeil, revue scientifique de la Société de Recherche et de Médecine du Sommeil:

N° 13; Octobre 2004 (Somnolence et conduite automobile: Un enjeu pour la médecine du sommeil).

N° 14; Novembre 2005 (Le sommeil particulier des navigateurs solitaires à la voile).

N° 15; Novembre 2006 (Mécanismes responsables de la genèse du cycle veille-sommeil; Sommeil et immunité; Activités physiques, sommeil et qualité de vie).

N° 16; Novembre 2007 (Conséquences de la privation de sommeil chez les professionnels de santé...).

N° 17; Décembre 2008 (La sieste : quels bienfaits ? Quelles limites).

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