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Here, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, which doesn’t mean we aren’t professional !

Owner and responsible of this website : Doctor Guilhem Pérémarty, M.D. Diploma in somnology (sleep medicine) delivered by the SFRMS, French Society of Sleep Research and Medicine.

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DocDodo, the Dodo of the site (in French, "dodo" is a word children use for sleep) - Credit : J.M. Kuntz

I was born in Limoges in 1958 but my roots are from the south of France.
After I supported a thesis about the regulation of emergencies in the Faculty of Montpellier in 1987, I practiced as a general physician during 7 years (in Guadeloupe), and then as an emergency physician in Montpellier during 8 years (permanency association and emergency room).

Since I took interrest very early in the possible implications of sleep in pathologies encountered in practice, I completed my training with the Interuniversity Diploma of Wake and Sleep, organized by the learned society which is, in France, in charge of sleep research (essentially in the neurology units of the main University Hospitals).

Since 1996, I have a diploma delivered by the SFMRS (French Society of Sleep Research and Medicine)

The diploma being acknowledged by the French General Medical Council in 2002, I created a liberal (=not hospital) consultation, which is exclusively dedicated to sleep disorders, in Montpellier.

This site wishes to contribute (according to the spirit of the Web) to spread the knowledge that is useful to all for a better understanding of sleep and its very broad implications in general medicine.

There is no advertisement on this website.
Its making is a strictly non-lucrative activity which relies on the collaboration of a few passionate persons who forbid themselves to draw any personal profit from it.

The website is "copyleft" under the condition that the source be mentioned.

See the Ethical code of the website


A small place (before we find a better one) to thank, here, the collaborators who have participated generously to this website and without whom nothing would have been possible : Pierre, Karine, Jean-Christophe, Geneviève, Victoire, Jean-Marie and Corinne... :-) .

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